Why It is Necessary to Celebrate Small Wins

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Before going further let me ask you a question, "What is the last event that you had celebrated on your own success?"

Most of the time, we actually make goals that are immensely big like Everest. First, we seem confident to conquer the peak, and gradually it gets so far off and feels disconnected. The reason is that we forget to celebrate the small victories that we gain along the way. Keep it in your mind, progress is always progress, no matter how small and no matter how insignificant it may seem.⁣ If we don’t acknowledge our small victories and record our progress, we can feel demotivated and destructed that we leave our progress halfway. We often forget that those small victories will add up to the big win.⁣

Let me share my story. When I got my admission to BUET, I had a very good academic record up to my higher secondary period. In the first term, my target was to be in the top 10 students of the class. Due to an unpropitious event, I couldn't make it to the top 10, rather to the top 30 among 165 students.
And what did I do? Instead of celebrating this awesome feat of 82 percentile, I beat myself up because I was unable to finish in the top 10. I didn’t acknowledge the fact that the main objective of studying is learning, not competing over CGPA. I didn’t acknowledge that not everyone can finish the term with the CGPA as I had! It wasn’t until three years later that he commenced studying for learning again.⁣
Why taking the prep. for my MBA admission, I acknowledged celebrating each small victory, whether it be completing one set of sample questions or memorizing three new words.

Celebrating small achievements actually encourages us, because:⁣
• It drives us to keep progressing and do even better⁣
• It gives us the confidence boost that we require. If we won this round, we can definitely ace the next one.⁣
• It makes us content to feel good about ourselves 

We can praise small wins by buying ourselves a gift whether it is a candy, movie night, throwing a pizza party, or a chill party! 

So, How do you celebrate your small victories?