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Maria Rafique
IBA Preparation

I had a pretty simple viva session last year. I reached IBA 30 minutes ahead and had to submit all the papers at a separate room. From this room, students were called by admission roll no. to attend one of the viva boards. When my roll no. was called, a staff guided me to the viva room.

I knocked the door, the teachers said come in. I gave salam to them and then they asked me to take a seat. One of the teachers then asked me, "You have studied from BUET, which department? ", I said, "Civil Department, Sir". Then he asked, "Why here, why IBA? It is not related to your field....", I replied, "Sir as I want to work at the managerial segment of civil, I eagerly need the management and business skills from IBA".

One of the teachers then asked me, "What is the problem now in joining the civil engineering positions? ", I replied, ""Sir, actually if I join now...I have to join as a site engineer and work at the construction sites in rough schedules. But I want to have the office job relating to project management."Then our director sir being present in the board, asked me, "tell us why Japan prefers steel structure instead of concrete structure", my reply was, "because Japan is an earthquake prone country".

My interview at IBA was one of the shortest ones to be frank. But yes, the teachers were quite impressed.

This was all and then I offered salam to all the teachers coming out of the room.